Friday, 9 December 2016

Throwback: Halloween 2014

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So back in 2014 I had lots of energy for celebrating Halloween (unlike Halloween 2016, it turns out :/). I had the best time decorating our house that year, making lots of yummy treats and organising parties for the kids. Although Halloween was slightly lower key for Jess back then, both Sarah and Luke were still fully into Halloween and all it's fun and excitement.

Okay, so it's got to be said: I have collected quite a few Halloween decorations over the years (and, yes, I can't help adding to my collection every year) and now I seem to have almost as many Halloween decorations as I have Christmas decorations in this house! But hey, isn't that what life is all about? Celebrating special occasions and making memories as we go? I think so. And besides, it's such fun! Anyway, here are a few of my bats and creepy crawlies: ;)

And this is our treat bowl (below) which I keep at the door for when children come trick or treating. It has a skeleton hand that pops out when the kids put their hands into the bowl and I get quite a few screams with that thing! It's brilliant! Haha! (And that bowl is still going strong and frightening kids every year! Love it!)

We made these beauties again that year:

And my mom made these cute ghosts: (Love them!)

She also baked these witch fingers again: (Shortbread is the best!)

And our Mummy cupcakes:

And while I was in London, I picked up a few Halloween goodies too - these cool drink bottle stickers were some of my cool finds:

And even though these spooky ghouls look quite messy, let me tell you that they were mad delicious! (What's not to love about a brownie covered in melted white chocolate and topped with a marshmallow?) 

And here is a gruesome photo of Luke and his mates: (I didn't seem to get any photos of Jess or Sarah and their friends that year, apparently...)

PS No kids were harmed in that last photo. ;) 

And that's Halloween 2014. Over and out. x

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Throwback: October 2014 Little Things

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After my trip to London:

We went out on our boat one weekend, did some fishing, pulled in at one of the many islands in the Hauraki Gulf and did a hike before making our way back home.

We also had Sarah's Sports Awards Dinner in October 2014:

Her teams did very well at Sports Awards that year:

And she got to meet Irene van Dyk, a South African born New Zealand National Netball team (Silver Ferns) goal-shoot for many years (she was an amazingly good player):

And then there was Halloween 2014, but I've got so many photos of Halloween that year, that I think I'll give it it's own blog post!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Throwback: London Trip - October 2014


In October 2014, I went to visit my sister and her family who live in London. It had been too long since I'd last seen them and I was missing them so much!

On my first morning there, Leigh took me to her local coffee joint that I'd heard so much about. I really love trips like this where I get to see exactly where my sister and her family meet friends for coffee, do their grocery shopping, play school sports, and just get to experience their normal day to day routines. I feel really sad that we don't all live close to each other and get to share our lives more regularly. Too sad.

I got to watch my nephew play a football game for his club while I was there:

Leigh and I went into London town to enjoy a museum and a few sites...

We went walking in Richmond Park and experienced being in the path of a beeeeeeg deer chasing another beeeeeg deer! Picture two women running while laughing hysterically (read: nervously). Spot the deer in the next picture:

We went out for dinners...

And got to see the show, Shakespeare in Love... 

We had lunch at Nobu...

We had a lunch with family - my cousin also lives in London and his mom was visiting from South Africa at the same time as I was visiting my sister so we organised to get together which was such great fun.

And as you can see, eating was all important! I also had lunch at Shake Shack one day - my first Shake Shack experience, and it was good! Just look at those curly fries!

Beautiful London:

When I was visiting, there was an exhibition down in Covent Garden - a replica building with the entire middle section missing! It was fascinating. So very clever.

Side view of that crazy building:

I also fitted in a quick stop at this awesome shop:

Got to spend some quality time with my cute niece:

I love London! Always a good idea. x