Sleepless Nights

It's not easy. We knew it wouldn't be easy. But damn! No-one said anything about the sleepless nights!

We had made the decision to immigrate to New Zealand, for many reasons, but mostly because we wanted to try something new, have an adventure and 'grow'. And we had a time frame in mind - the end of 2010. But the Universe had other plans. It decided to speed things up... and we made the subsequent decision to jump aboard the express train. This new game plan meant that Grant was encouraged to secure employment sooner rather than later and that we had to get moving, or risk losing our application acceptance. It led to huge soul-searching, big decision-making, a fair amount of compromise and as I said, many sleepless nights.

It really shook us up and I wouldn't wish that anguish on anyone. Change is not for sissies. Humans, on the most part, do not enjoy it. But, we had taken those first daunting steps, 'stepped out of our comfort zone' - and we had the dark circles under our eyes to prove it.

After all that, we decided - Yes! We're doing this thing! And we started making things happen. Those next few weeks saw Grant actively looking for a job, doing endless paperwork, having late night phone calls and interviews (time difference)... and waiting. The stress was caused by all the waiting. Waiting to hear about a job, waiting to hear about THE job, waiting to hear about what it entails to immigrate, waiting, waiting, waiting. And 'this' had to be completed before 'that' could be done which couldn't be done before that had been done. It was a really stressful waiting game. But I'm happy to say (after 2 months - and many worry lines and grey hairs), we are on track.

We have checked the following boxes:

  • Grant has a job! And a good one, at that. My hero!
  • We have the work visas in our passports.
  • We have sold our house.
  • Our children have been accepted at a wonderful school in Auckland.
We are also on track with:

  • Getting Bailey ready to transport to Auckland (microchip, rabies shot, blood test etc.).
  • The removal company.
  • The renting out of our holiday home.
  • Getting Grant's car to Auckland.
  • Sorting out all the banking and paperwork.
And I'm happy to report that we've 'grown' already. We've learnt many things we would never have learnt, had we not embarked on this journey. Granted, some of them we could have done without learning about, but on the whole, it's been an interesting (and steep) learning curve.

And the sleepless nights? A thing of the past.


  1. Just found your blog and having fun looking around :) I'm South African (married to a Grant!) but lived in the UK for 11 years before moving here. Unfortunately our whole process took 2 years, so I'm kind of jealous that yours all fell into place so quickly. Anyway, we've been here for 2 years now. Just wanted to say hi and that I'm enjoying your blog :)

    1. Hi Jen. Thanks for your comment - so lovely to hear from you. :) How are you enjoying NZ?


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