The time between our September trip to New Zealand and our eventual departure was surreal. It was a time of coming to terms with our decision. We missed Grant desperately during this time and the fact that he'd left and had started our new life on the other side of the world made it sink in more and more with each day. Every 'last' experience we had, made our new adventure seem all the more real. You see everything very differently when you know it's going to be the last time you're going to see or do something, and I really got to appreciate my SA life so much during those last few weeks. Surreal.

My mom spent the last couple of months with the kids and me. It was a blessing to have her invaluable insight and advice at that time. We had some wonderful times - at the kids' nativity plays, Sarah's birthday party, Jessica's first tennis match, living at the Waterfront and socializing with family and friends. It was a fun and busy time. Getting the house packed up was tedious and stressful. It had to be done and we got through it, mostly unscathed. In hindsight we wish we hadn't packed as much of our 'stuff' - this experience has taught us that we don't need so much baggage.

Grant then came over for the Christmas holidays and we spent a few more days in the Waterfront enjoying gorgeous Cape Town before heading off to Pearly Beach with family for a final beach holiday together.

We also endured many sad experiences - saying goodbye to our family, friends, Winnie and Jessicah. We knew that our decision was the right one for us, but saying goodbye was not easy. It was also the end of a chapter in our lives. Heartbreaking. Surreal. Change is not easy.

One cannot stop time from ticking on and D-Day arrived almost uncannily. Next thing we were at the airport in Johannesburg. Again, it was quite surreal to be on our adventure with 'only the clothes on our backs'.

Goodbye SA soil. Until we meet again. x

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