Bubbling Mud and Rotten Eggs in "Road to Vegas"

And then there was Rotorua.

The rotten egg smell (sulphur) assaults your nose the minute you open your car door in this town. It's putrid. But we got over it and enjoyed some of the great things that this fun-filled town has to offer.

We took the kids to see the reason behind the bad odour.

We went up the gondolas to the luge rides and took in the breathtaking views of the lake from up the mountain.

And we had a laugh at the Agrodome sheep show.

But there is still so much to see in Rotorua - we'll definitely have to go back.

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  1. Hi Bianca,
    I stumbled accross your blog.
    Best Regards.
    Louis Swanepoel in San Diego.


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