Running in Owhango

In the beginning of May we drove down to a place called Owhango (pronounced Ofango) on the Central Plateau, near Mt. Ruapehu. Getting out of the city on a Friday afternoon calls for much patience as the traffic is hectic; and on this particular trip we couldn't even promise the kids that we'd be there soon as it takes a good 4 hours to get to Owhango - so you can just imagine all the moaning in the car. Pity the fool! To really shake things up and make it interesting, Sarah managed to fling her yoghurt all over herself and much of the car, just 10 minutes into our trip. I just turned the music up at that point.

Anyway, we eventually got to our destination (thank you, Garmin) - a hunting lodge on a farm which has amazing views of Mt. Ruapehu (North Island ski area). The next morning we got to see the mountain in the distance, but only for a few minutes because we had to dash off to our 6.5 km trail run. Yes, you heard me. Run.

Grant entered all of us into the T42 Mountainbike and Trail Run. He did the mountain bike race and the rest of us did the run (okay, walk). The scenery was gorgeous - we walked through a beautiful forest, alongside a big river and through hilly farmlands. The girls disappeared up ahead and I only had to encourage one little soul along. And bless his soul, I only carried him for 10 minutes of the entire race. He did so well! I mean those thin little legs were doing double the distance the rest of us were doing, poor thing. Anyway, we all made it back and had to admit that the whole experience was definitely worth the long trip in the car. We plan to go back again next year.

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