Matakana Farmers Market

Last Saturday we drove approximately 50 kilometers north to a little village called Matakana. It's a very quaint little place with a cute farmers market. They sell mussel fritters, white bait fritters, bags of oysters for $10 and lots of other yummy treats. There was even a band playing next to the river. To be honest, it's not your typical farmers market as it's a bit too upmarket. But I wasn't complaining. ^_*

There were also some gorgeous little shops in the little shopping strip around the market. Very stylish. Managed to purchase a beautiful pot plant in the florist before we had to dash off home. All-in-all a very enjoyable little jaunt up north.

The reason we took the trip was to buy oysters for a lunch that we had planned with some friends at home later. Oysters and champagne. Yum.

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