Bailey's back!

We fetched Bailey from the quarantine kennels on Saturday - oh, happy day! I think she was as excited as we were! Poor baby. 4 months of being cooped up in that facility. It's enough to make you stir crazy.

She rewarded us for fetching her, by not vomiting on the way home in the car. A very good start. And then she started settling into her new home. We live next to a reserve so taking her for a walk is super easy. The kids love to pop her over and take her for a spin around the park. We can't take her for very long walks just yet, however, as her fitness level is low owing to being locked up for so long without being walked. But it shouldn't take long before she can also start enjoying the cliff walks along the bays.

She's a little subdued at the moment - I think it's just going to take her a little while to adjust to all this change. But the Bailey we know shows herself in times of excitement and seeing her here, interacting with the kids, makes us so happy.

We love you, Bailey! Welcome home, darling dog. x

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