Meet Poppy.  You'd think with a name like that, the bird would be female.  You'd be wrong.  Poppy is indeed a boy bird!  Dude, your guess is as good as mine.

So here's the story:  Poppy is Sarah's class budgie. And we were the lucky family who got to look after said budgie for the 3 week school holiday recently.    I think it had something to do with Sarah putting her hand up the highest and begging.  Oh well, what's a mother to do?  I'll tell you what - stress big time.  I was petrified that we'd manage to kill off the poor animal while he was living with us.  Every morning just before taking the covering off the cage, I'd be convinced that we'd find the little guy lying at the bottom of the cage and then I'd have to deal with the ensuing wailing and the daunting task of finding a replacement bird that looked just like him.  Oh the stress.

I'm happy to say that we survived the holidays and Poppy lived to see the inside of the classroom again.  And during the time that he stayed with us, he crept into our hearts just a little bit. His long nails freaked me out and he was a damn messy eater, but his cute tweeting was certainly missed when he left.

Then, a few days into the new school term, Sarah's teacher told her that she'd be welcome to have Poppy at the end of the school year.  Forever!  I mean, we looked after the bird very well and all, but really.  I don't think that's what I signed up for. Anyway, the jury is still out on that one.

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