Now that I am a member of Farmville Anonymous, I find that I have so much more free time to watch TV.  Just last night Grant and I were watching one of our favourite programmes, called "How I met your Mother".  It was the one about the doppelgangers.  Hilarious.  Anyway, it made me think about something that happens to me here from time to time.

I see doppelgangers!

I'll be merrily going about my business, when I'll spot a person who looks EXACTLY LIKE someone back in South Africa.  SHOO-EE - how weird is that?  Not as weird as it may seem, actually. For those of us who did PSYCHOLOGY 101, it's easily explained. But it still weirds me out.  The mind is such a complex thing. This severe separation has left a gaping hole in my life, and to assimilate it all, my mind is throwing out these flashes of familiarity. I then spend the rest of that day thinking about that person, other friends and events. Sometimes these flashes make me feel desperately alone and so very far away from 'myself'.  It's like mourning, in a way, I guess.  I long to just hug a friend, sit and have a coffee and a chat with them again. Have a laugh. I desperately miss that familiarity.

But as with mourning, time heals.  My mother used to experience the same thing when she first got here 13 years ago. She'd want to wave or run up to someone to say hello. She says that it doesn't happen that much anymore. Now, on the one hand, that makes me sad, really, but it also shows that time will dull the ache and while I will always miss my dear friends and family, I will also find contentment again.

But until that happens, who's coming to visit me?


  1. Oh, so they have a name! They are all over Perth too, breaking my heart, the little blighters.

  2. me,me,me - I'm coming - just not sure when.... Was SO divine to chat this morning - wow we miss you guys!


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