Lunch at Mudbrick

We had lunch at Mudbrick (a restaurant and vineyard) on Waiheke island when our friends were visiting recenly. We just love Waiheke and wanted to show them how wonderful it is there. And we were fortunate enough to have the most beautiful weather that day. It was sizzling hot! 

Off on the ferry from Auckland City.

Luke ♥

Grant relaxing on the lawn at Mudbrick.

Embracing the big hair look. Arrgghh!

Da family.

How beautiful is this? Andrew and Jack. Sitting on the lawn amongst the vineyards.

Quick story about these vineyards: there was a big group of 20-somethings sitting at a table next to us on the lawn. During the course of the afternoon (obviously after a good few glasses of wine) a guy and girl wandered up to the top of these vineyards and proceeded to have a race down, in between the grapes! The guy won, but only after providing us with a good laugh as he nearly lost it right at the end by colliding with those future bottles of wine. It was a really good laugh.


Gorgeous food. Gorgeous wine. Gorgeous weather. Gorgeous day.



  1. I am a little worried about the ulcers that the Swannies may be developing after such a stressful day!!


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