It's True. I Do.

Gosh, while surfing the internet recently, I discovered a plethora of beautiful design blogs. Wow! Total mind blow! There are so many gorgeous websites out there and my rss list is now almost as long as my arm! Oops.

I'm really going to have to start putting a time limit on my daily computer time because it certainly won't be a very productive year if I sit around in my pyjamas drinking coffee all day, looking at gorgeous websites and not doing much else!

Poster via MadeByGirl.

I hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed our long weekend here - it's always great to have Grant around for an extra day! I'll put up my posts about the weekend soon.

Aaaand.... The kids are back at school this morning - they were all very excited to go back, I must say. But it's eerily quiet around here now! Can't wait to hear all their news when I fetch them later.

Anyway, now I must get going and start doing! My dad and Anne arrive this evening and I must make sure everything is ready. Woo Hoo! See you later!


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