Weetbix Tryathlon No. 2

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend. Ours was lovely. It consisted of football matches, a kid's party, Jessica's movie & pizza get-together here on Saturday night and a Sunday filled with sorting out the garage and washing the cars (thanks, Grant!).

Sunday evening was particularly wonderful - it was gorgeous outside, and there was not a hint of that 'Sunday evening blues' feeling around here because... oh yes, you guessed it - today is the first day of the Easter school holidays... Woo Hoo! But it won't be all fun and games and sleeping in because we've got quite a bit of admin to get sorted (bank accounts, visas, etc.). Oh joy.

Anyway, this weekend I was also going through my photos and I realized that I hadn't done a post about this year's Weetbix Tryathlon yet, so I thought I'd do one now:


The girls completed their second Weetbix Tryathlon in Devonport last month.

This is an annual triathlon event which is enjoyed by thousands of Kiwi kids around New Zealand. Having done their first one last year, this time round they were much more relaxed because they knew exactly what to expect.

And next year Luke will be old enough to participate as well - he's very keen to join the girls and get in on the action! Only thing is - we need to buy him a bicycle for his birthday this year because Grant drove over the one he had! And now it's just slightly too buckled to ride. You know - without him looking like he has a part-time job at the circus... *wink*

Sarah running for the finish line. She's the one in the centre.

Jessica rocking her medal after she'd finished.

Sarah with a medal and a smile.

Winning gold.

Father and daughter after the triathlon.

The Weetbix is always a great day out. We take our fold-up chairs along, have breakfast under the trees, read the newspaper, and wait for the girls' age groups to start. Then there's the excitement of running up from the beach, to transition, then to the start of the cycling and finally to the finish. It's all a bit manic, but great fun. And I always find myself in tears at the finish line. I don't know why, but the sight of children running in and their parents cheering them on brings tears to my eyes. Call me soppy. Or crazy. 

Last year the kids bumped into a couple of friends they'd met at school; and other than my folks, Colleen and Sam, Grant and I knew two other couples there. This year, however, we recognized and chatted to so many more people - and it really gave us a great sense of 'belonging' - that old, familiar feeling of being part of a community again. We realized that we've certainly come a long way since last year. And as time ticks on, we feel more and more like we're at home.



  1. As a slightly *ehem* older triathlete, a big congrats to your girls! It's fantastic events like these that help our youth enjoy sport and become future champions (in anything!). Great pics, love the last one with dad and also the fabulous multi colour nail polish :D

  2. Thanks so much for your comment! :)

  3. You swannie girls are all marvellous! And I love the pic of Grant and Jess too. xxxx


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