What I Did This Week

Feels like I just wrote one of these posts. Wait. Never mind.

So, it's been a particularly Good Friday today, hasn't it? Sorry, I know. I know. Pathetic. But I seriously can't help myself.

Anyway, before I embarrass myself any more, here's what I got up to this week:

1. I took two of my kids to see a really sweet movie called Rio, in 3D. And we laughed. And really enjoyed it. And now I kinda want to go to Rio. 

2. I went back to the city to fetch the kids' passports with their Australian visas in them. And now we're all set for Melbourne. Yeeeha!

3. I picked up about 426 dog turds. Just in case you have a glamourous picture of me in your minds, I hereby rid you of that ludicrous idea.

4. A field mouse ran over my foot while I was sitting at my desk playing internet-internet. I kid you not. I looked down, thinking it was one of the hundreds of crickets that have been coming into our house to die recently. But I found nothing. A few minutes later I heard a scritch-scratch noise coming from behind my bookshelves and I went to investigate. Indeed. A field mouse. I poked a roll of wrapping paper at it. I don't know why. I probably had the silly idea that I could possibly persuade it to hop down and run out of the front door, smiling and waving as it left, I don't know. But it didn't. Instead, it scratched around and freaked me out some more, until I decided to go to bed. Haven't seen it since. Eeeek.

5. I also further perfected my kid entertainer and taxi skills.

6. Oh and I made a delicious creamy smoked chicken filo pie for dinner one night. Easy as, and so yummy.

7. And I thoroughly enjoyed another week of the school holidays. 

The End.


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