Sarah's Football Tour

It seems like ages ago now, but it was only two weeks ago that we got back from Melbourne.

Anyway, I've been meaning to tell you about Sarah's football tour to Toorak College in Melbourne, Australia... so here goes:

She'd been looking forward to this trip for ages, despite being a bit nervous about being away from us. Turns out she's matured over these past months and even though she was a little anxious just before they left, she coped amazingly well.

At Auckland International.
She was asked to be the leader of her group.

First game.
Keeping her eye on the ball.

Proud father watching from the sidelines.

Waiting for Sarah's next game. Looking rather grumpy, really. Don't know why.
Must have been the warm sun lulling us into nap mode. I look like I might rest my head on Grant's shoulder any minute...

Sarah having a chat with a fellow team mate.

Big smiles for the camera after the tournament.

She really enjoyed her time on tour. I mean, seriously? What an experience for a 10 year old! I only dreamed of going on an international tour when I was that age. Actually, come to think of it, the thought didn't even enter my mind. Kids these days have so many great opportunities. (With the added stress, I guess.)

Sarah was billeted with a lovely family from Toorak College who live on a farm out in the countryside, not too far from the school. Her billet partner, Jasmine, had two younger sisters and is the proud owner of two horses! I must say, the prospect of staying on a farm and getting to ride the horses excited Sarah no end. And she got to ride on two occasions while she was there which was wonderful for her as she hasn't ridden since we left South Africa. Lucky girl. And all the girls got on very well so Sarah had a lovely time with the family.

On the second day of the tour, the whole group visited Healesville Sanctuary, an Australian wildlife and fauna park located in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges. This was another highlight of the tour for Sarah as they got to see so many gorgeous animals there. 

And on the day of Sarah's football games, we drove through to watch her in action. Great excitement! Her team won 10-0 in their first match against Toorak's Year 5s, had a close loss - 1-0 against Toorak's Year 6s, and then drew their last match 1-1 against Toorak's Year 7s. This placed them second overall. The girls really played some great football.

The next time we saw Sarah was back at the airport for our trip home. And I was so proud of how she'd handled everything. There she was with her passport and her team mates, looking totally at ease and happy. I'm so pleased that she had this opportunity and that she enjoyed every minute of it. As a parent, it's one of those special moments - seeing your child growing up, independent and most of all, happy.


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  1. fantastic. It seems her sleepout anxieties are a distant memory and she is blossoming into a beautiful young lady. Well done, B!


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