Oh Friday, I'm So Happy To See You

I'll start this post by saying: I'm tired. And I wasn't even playing any sport this week.

Monday night.

More hockey
Tuesday night.

Monday night it was hockey, Tuesday night it was hockey, Wednesday night it was netball, Thursday night it was netball. And the earliest we got home was 7.30pm. 7.30pm! On a school night! And then there's still dinner to make and eat. Homework to finish. Showers to be had. Where are the leisurely afternoons? The story times? In my dreams, is where! 

Yes, I'm having a good old moan. Aaaarrrggghhhhh! Because sometimes it just gets too much. All this driving, organizing, remembering water bottles, dragging the other two kids along, keeping them occupied while the game is on, making sure there is something quick to cook when we get home. 

Weeks like this, with late games and an extra game, make me think that my kids do too much sport. 

Even more hockey
How many minutes until the game ends, Mom?

And then one of my kids came home this week and asked whether they could add a fourth sport to their agenda. Uh, what? What part of aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh don't you understand?

Now please don't get me wrong, I love that my kids enjoy playing sports. And I love watching them playing their games. I happily choose to be there cheering them on as opposed to dropping them off and collecting them later. (If I chose to do the latter I probably wouldn't be moaning like this.) I just sometimes wish that they played only one sport. Not two. And three. I mean, really. I get tired. And I'm only watching!

So I need your input. Are there any mothers out there with school-going, sports-playing kids? What do you do? Do you make your children choose? Do you tell them that they can only play one sport per season? Do you make your life easier and put your foot down; or do you allow them to enjoy more than one sport because they love them all and can't choose?

I'd love to hear your comments.

I'd also love a massage.

And a holiday to an island where the weather is warm and the cocktails are cold.

Just saying.


  1. Make them choose! Or don't moan. Life is all about choices, but you only know that when you're old or had too much wine. xx :)

  2. yes... there are days when I want to say "AAAARRRRGGGG, please STOP something....." but then I remember that this is the stuff she loves and what makes her feel good.... I'd rather quit homework!


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