On Turning 42

I clearly remember turning 40. And because it was a big milestone birthday, I celebrated it accordingly. Big party. Huge hoopla. Happy days. Then along came 41. And not surprisingly, it was a huge letdown. 41. Pfft. No great shakes. But 42? Well, 42 is a funny one. How can I explain it? Um. Well, as an age, it just seems plain...


I mean, really. Half the time when I was asked how old I would be turning this year, I couldn't remember! Not because I'm subconsciously suppressing a fear of getting old or because I'm not that good at maths. But because 42 is the kind of number that one is prone to forget. It's that iffy! And it o-b-v-i-o-u-s-l-y doesn't have a very good PR company! In fact, no-one seems to be selling this whole 42 thing properly at all. Someone should get onto that. And while they're at it, they should have a look at numbers 43 and 44 as well! 


Despite the general iffiness surrounding the age of 42, I certainly didn't have an iffy day. In actual fact, I had a wonderful day! And while 42 might be an arbitrary number, I'm gonna take my celebrations anywhere I can.

Birthday lunch!
Here's me enjoying my birthday lunch at a sushi restaurant. PS iPhone 3 photo quality might suck, but it does hide wrinkles.
So there's that.
Here's a thought: When, at 72, I look back at this photo, I'm going to think I looked young. *grin*
So there's also that.

And I'll also remember all the fun I had. In this life of milestones and iffiness.




  1. You look fantastic at 42, I think the same PR company does 34 as well ;D Yum that birthday sushi looks divine! Hope your having a wonderful day, looking far less than your 42 years.

  2. I had fun on your "fun day" too!

  3. Thanks so much! :) Someone should fire that PR company asap! :D


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