My Weekly 5

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Here are my five gorgeous finds for this week:

1. These frozen fruit popsicles with Prosecco splashed over them look absolutely delicious! I must remember to do this when summer comes around again. They would be perfect for a garden party, don't you think?

Grown-Up Dessert

via Southern Living, Photo: Quentin Bacon.

2. I love these storage tubs. They're great for just about anything. I use them to store kids toys and they're also very handy to throw in the car for all your bits and pieces.

Tubtrugs® Flexible

3. Birthday banners are beautiful! I've got a pink and a blue one for our kids.
Every year we put them up and it immediately makes the house look cheerful and celebratory.

4. I came across a great website called Olive and Cocoa and found these beautiful champagne flutes there. Different and very stylish. Love them.

5. And isn't this a clever little idea? Sew five pillowcases together and fill with pillows! "Bed in a bag" from the Great Little Trading Co.

Source: via Bianca on Pinterest

And that's My Weekly 5 for this week. We're off for dinner at my parents' house now - always a huge treat! I feel very fortunate to have my mom and Geoff living so close by now. There were many years when we lived continents apart and popping over for a quick weeknight dinner was definitely not on the cards. 

Hope you're breaking bread with loved ones wherever you are!


  1. I love those flutes!! Loved having you guys for dinner, always a treat! The two little munchkins are watching some awful thing on TV, but soon it'll be time for stories and bed. xxx

  2. Aren't they beautiful?!
    Thanks again. xo