My Weekly 5

After a longish break, I'm back with My Weekly 5! And these are the things I'm loving at the moment:

1. I think all of these colours look so fantastic together. Just beautiful.

2. I love colour. Full stop.

3. Check this out! So very clever!

4. I'd love to lie around on one of these this summer.

5. And lastly: I love the coziness of this bedroom. I could move right in here. Immediately.

And that's it for this week's My Weekly 5.

I'm really struggling to type over here at the moment - it's THAT COLD! Need to scuttle off to sit next to the fire now. Bye for now!


  1. I like number 4! In the garden with a good book and a refreshing drink! ;)

  2. Yes please! That sounds heavenly, especially at the moment - it's freezing cold here and I need summer! :)

  3. I think we'd have to fight for number 4! :)

  4. We don't have to fight for number 4 - we all know how to play 'nice' - we just get one for each of us! ;-)

  5. Absolutely! I think it should be deemed a summer must-have for everyone! :D


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