Our Little Gymnast

This little boy of ours has always been a bit of a gymnast. As a toddler he showed his amazing agility by scaling the jungle gym in our garden and doing the monkey bars like a kid double his age. (What? I'm his mother, I'm allowed to brag!) So when he got old enough we thought we'd sign him up for gymnastics classes to use this talent. And so far he seems to be loving it.

He started out in the general gym section, but after a while he was put forward for the competitor group and has been training quite extensively for the past year. Their group has done two competitions so far and they have their third one this Saturday. 

It's all very low key at the moment, and his level group is just learning the ropes at this stage. Did you see what I just did there? I slipped in a little gymnastics humour - learning the ropes! Hm. Okay, that was pretty lame, I'm sorry. I just can't help myself.

Anyway, they do a routine for each piece of equipment and it's been interesting to see how they've been improving each time. Of course, sometimes their landing isn't good or they aren't focussed enough to do the routine well, but really, they're only 7, and it's not the Olympics. I'm not even sure that Luke understands that he is getting scored at this stage! 

I secretly wish they'd start teaching them to do flick flacks and back flips now, but apparently that only comes much further down the line, after they've mastered the other techniques that build into them being able to do those impressive movements. Damn shame really, 'cos I love a good show. And our encouraging him to show off his amazing ability to execute a perfect cartwheel and do an impressive splits is becoming a bit old around these parts now. We desperately need a new act! Ah well. Can't win 'em all, I guess. So we wait.


That's better!


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