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Last week we went to watch the Springboks play against Namibia at North Harbour Stadium.

SA vs Namibia at RWC.
iPhone photo.

And the Boks put on a great performance with LOTS of tries! It was very exciting!

Exclamation point. Exclamation point. Exclamation point.

The game started at 8pm, so I had some tired little monkeys with me. One even fell asleep! And another one was leaning against me from the start of the second half. But they're definitely getting into the spirit of this World Cup - taking lots of photos and asking questions about different aspects of the game. They're even getting the hang of the scoring; and are beginning to use words like 'conversion' and 'penalty' with confidence!

Their school has assigned a participating country to each class and they have decorated their classrooms with their team's flags - so RWC 2011 is being well and truly embraced around here. Jessica's class is supporting Canada, Sarah's class - Samoa and Luke's class got Japan.

I'm even doing my bit by having two flags on my car. ******I know!****** I've got the South African flag on the one side; and the New Zealand flag on the other. Whateva! That's just where I am right now. I can't choose between the two. And you can't make me! Grin.

Tomorrow night we're going to watch SA play against Samoa. And we'll haul out our Springbok caps and shirts again, in support of the Boks.

So, who's following the RWC out there? Who are you supporting?

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