Flies Suck

You'd think having all these flies around would mean that summer is here. But you'd be wrong. Summer is only summer in name at the moment. I mean, it's certainly not cold, but it's certainly not hot either. In fact it's been rather humid, grey and quite rainy too.

WTH, Summer? Get your ar*e over here already. We're waiting.

Anyway, back to the pesky flies. They obviously didn't get the email about the weather, so they arrived like expectant tourists and they're going about their business.

So what's a girl to do? Well I had to call in the professionals, that's what. No mucking around. And that's what happened around here yesterday. A man came in with some fly poison spray; and I covered up all of our beds, toothbrushes and toilet paper, and took the kids out for the afternoon.

And when we got back, we got to eat dinner without any buzzing irritants around.

Absolute bliss.

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