Checking In

I took this photo while taking a walk in our neighbourhood recently.
That's Rangitoto Island in the distance.

So you know what I haven't done here in a while? Write about how things are going for us here in New Zealand...

When I look at my blog now, it seems to be all about my daily life, things I like, my family - and not so much about our move and how it's impacted on our lives. But I guess that's what happens. Blogs evolve. Life goes on. You carry on doing everyday things, only in a different environment. It's

I find that I no longer constantly think back to my life in Cape Town as I'm folding clothes in the laundry room. Like I used to do. I'm not frequently slipping back to thoughts of my old life as I'm driving around town. Sometimes I do, of course, but not as much as I used to, it seems.

I'm a lot more 'present' now. I don't feel as torn.

I think going back to Cape Town in December last year helped solidify that feeling of contentment with our new life. It wasn't a case of thinking that "New Zealand is better than South Africa." No. It was merely a gentle realization that we've now got a new life somewhere else. And life goes on in Cape Town without us.

As I see it, wherever you live with your immediate family, is your home. You might yearn for your special people back in your birth country. You might mourn the memories that you could have made with them. But where you pass your time, where you do your grocery shopping, where your kids go to school - that's where your life is and that's home. It's where you make your new memories.

And as memory-making goes, we're all good.

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