My Weekly 5

So you know how sometimes your life just ticks over, same-old, same-old? And you come to the conclusion that the only thing to get you out of that funk would be to redecorate? Maybe buy some new cushions or a new piece of artwork? Paint a wall perhaps?

Damn crazy woman and her 'First World Problem', I hear you say.

Oh well, that's how I've been feeling lately, but instead of going out and buying something (look at me being all mature and responsible over here), I thought that I'd move some furniture around in my study and see how that went. Turns out that it really worked. I instantly felt energized and excited about things again. I might have even danced a jig. (No, not really, because while I'm certainly a little crazy, I'm not super-over-the-top crazy. Honestly.) Anyway, there's a lesson - sometimes all it takes is simply shifting some furniture around or reorganizing what you already have, to feel excited about life again. (Please remind me about this extraordinary epiphany the next time I go through this funk, okay?)

Here are a few pictures I came across around the internet this week, that inspire me to create happiness...

I think my next project is going to be our entrance hall.

Source: via Bianca on Pinterest

So have you been doing any redecorating lately? Moving candlesticks from one room to another? Shaking things up?

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