I've Got a Confession to Make

Crafting and DIY intimidates me.

And I know this because I never make anything and also, I follow some beautiful 'craft' blogs, and over time I've come to realize that I generally skim over the 'how to' parts, ooh and aah over the end product and only really keep going back to marvel at the clever ideas. That, and the pretty pictures. See, I definitely appreciate all the wildly creative people out there, but would I go ahead and tackle a seemingly elaborate project involving glitter, mirrors and a pot of glue? No. Generally not.

Someone once told me that having an outlet or release for your creative side positively effects your level of happiness. "Make something and you'll feel a sense of calm and accomplishment, and ultimately feel happier", they said. And that little idea right there left me feeling distinctly lacking and extremely uneasy, and here's why - crafting and DIY intimidates me because... I don't think my creative side is very evolved!

My superpowers don't include things like drawing well, knitting, weaving, advanced gluing, sewing of any sort or rustling up useful little knick-knacks.  And if the thought of painting a room fills me with a sense of panic can you imagine what painting a picture on a canvas would do to my stress levels? So I'm thinking that I've got a 'creative block' because let's face it - everyone can make something, right? But here I am, frozen into thinking that I just can't be a crafter who magically makes things. I just don't have the confidence to effortlessly whip up clever items. And why do creative people make it look so damn easy anyway?  But - and here's where it gets interesting - I actually think that this crazy attitude is making me miss out! I need to get my creative on!

So, I'm thinking that maybe I need to change how I look at this whole 'creative' thing. I probably need to start small and stay focussed on very particular projects with end results that really appeal to me.

So that's my challenge now - to find a project that will be fun to do, not too difficult, will give me a real sense of achievement when I'm done making it; and will be awesomely pretty.

Wish me luck!

(And hey, if you've got any exciting ideas of what I could do, please let me know.)


  1. GO FOR IT!!! But stay true to YOU(no fecking crocheting doilies to sew together as a dress,ok?!) I reckon something to do with manipulating
    images....you are good with visual stuff.Think more arty and less crafty.Good luck! Hey, are you coming to my exhibition?!

    1. Thanks doll! Still looking... Need to spend some time on Pinterest again to get some inspiration, I think. :) I'm definitely looking into coming down - will let you know soon! Soooo exciting! :D


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