It's All Fun And Games

Two of the restaurants we visited while on Waiheke recently, had fun outdoor games that kept us all entertained while we were waiting for our lunch, and kept the kids busy after lunch while we enjoyed our beer tasting. I love this idea because it gets people up, involved and interacting.

^^ Some father/son time, playing chess at Wild on Waiheke.^^

The lunch and beer tasting at this lovely restaurant was delicious that day. I'd definitely recommend a visit there.

^^ Not sure what I'm pointing at here, but that technique of mine? It somehow got results. Hahaha! ^^

^ P├ętanque is always a popular choice for our family. We've played that fun game all over the world. ^

We also visited The Tasting Room at Goldie Vineyards where these cute vintage games were set up. Having games for the kids to play while you're doing a wine tasting is an especially fabulous idea - happy kids, happy parents.

And that's the end of the Waiheke series of posts for now. If you'd like to see more of my photos from our time on the island, pop over to my Instagram account and have a look (link at top right of my blog).


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