Tea, Scones and a Piano

This kid learnt to play this song in under 10 minutes! I was well and truly impressed. {Okay, I know the technique isn't there - he has never had piano lessons - but how cool is it that he picked up that tune so quickly?! Just love that kids do this kind of thing so readily.}

After teaching Luke to play this song, Sarah wowed us with a few songs that she remembered from when she did piano lessons a few years ago. I wish that she had time to continue playing the piano, but there just aren't enough hours in the day. 

And then we had a tea party - tea in fancy cups and saucers and delicious scones with jam and cream. >>Wednesday afternoons don't come better than that. Thanks, Mom! :)

And that is what happened today. 

I also did some driving. (What's new?)  And the teenager did some ice skating.

Hope your Wednesday was also fun. :)

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