Taking Stock

I've seen this cute 'taking stock' idea done twice now and thought I'd give it a whirl too! Thanks, Pip.

Making: Progress on my plan to clear out all the unnecessary 'stuff' in our home. {I cleared out two cupboards this weekend. :: doing the winning dance ::}
Cooking: Easy weeknight dinners.
Drinking: Chardonnay and coffee. What's new?
Reading: Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan.
Wanting: My teenager to find her true happiness.
Looking: Forward to our upcoming holiday.
Playing: Scramble with Friends on my iPhone, in the school car park , when waiting for the kids.
Wasting: My time playing Scramble with Friends!
Sewing: Nothing. Ever. What-what.
Wishing: I could miraculously make my kids clean up after themselves without me asking them.
Enjoying: All the fun chats I have with my children.
Waiting: For Summer.
Liking: That my daughter texts me goodnight when she sleeps away from home.
Wondering: What the world will be like when I'm an old woman.
Loving: That my husband brings me coffee in bed in the mornings.
Hoping: For a hot Summer.
Marveling: At how technologically advanced my children are becoming. 
Needing: A new hiding place for my chocolate.
Smelling: A wide range of perfumes. Three girls in the house = that.
Wearing: A pair of comfortable, slate coloured, slim fit jeggings. 
Following: The 2013 America's Cup and feeling impatient for the elusive 9th point!
Noticing: New leaves on the trees and pretty pink blooms everywhere.
Knowing: That the teenage years are challenging.
Thinking: That I need to remember that the teenage years are just a phase.
Feeling: Grateful that my family is back together again after business trips and sports tournaments.
Bookmarking: Places to go for weekends away.
Opening: The Nespresso website to order more coffee.
Giggling: At this brilliant video.
Feeling: Rejuvenated after the weekend.

On Friday my husband got back from his business trip and my daughter returned from her school sports tournament so our family are now all back together again after three weeks of one, and then two, members being away. It feels good to have a full house again and we've been busy catching up on all things family, around here since their return. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too; and that this coming week is a great one!

{Oh, and let's hope that the Emirates Team New Zealand boat gets that last point tomorrow! Come on guys! The suspense is killing me. I don't know how many more races I can endure over here. } ;)

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