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Noosa is beginning to feel like a very distant memory as we hit the end of the kids' first week back at school. Last night I hit a brick wall - I am that exhausted! All the waking up early, making school lunches and doing the school and extramural runs has taken it's toll. {That, and the music concert, the e-course I'm doing, late nights - ! - and all the spring cleaning that I've been tackling too.} I'm so happy that it's the weekend! 

Every moment I get, I look back at my photos from the trip and am momentarily transported back to that sunshine and relaxation. Hah. It's what's keeping me going over here...

 ^ Ooh, to be lying on that soft sand, soaking up that sun again! ^

^ Our friend, Andrew, who joined us with his kids for a few days. ^

^ A couple of 'birds'. ^ 

^ Grant on the balcony at the resort where we stayed. ^ 

^ Hazel and Jeff. Out to dinner one evening. ^ 

^ Sarah and her friends, Olivia and Rachel.
Poor quality iPhone photo, sorry. ^ 

^ Luke and his friends, Lewis and Jack. ^ 

^ After dinner group shot before we climbed into that maxi taxi and headed back to the resort. ^ 

Going on holiday with friends who have children the same age as yours is a great idea - our kids had a wonderful time and made some great memories over there. As did we. The first part of our holiday was jam-packed with activities like tennis, bike riding, swimming, walking and visiting a local market; and then when our friends left we met up with other friends who were also there on holiday at the same time. {Noosa is very popular with New Zealanders, it would seem.}

Of course it's also good to spend time with just your own family - and we got to do lots of that too. On one afternoon the girls, Grant and I had a game of tennis at our resort and it was so wonderful to spend that time together, just us. 

^ Luke building an elaborate tunnel down on the beach. ^ 

^ And Sarah after a swim. ^

Next up - a post about Australia Zoo. With kangaroos. And snakes. And of course, crocodiles.

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