We've Been Catching Some Rays...

... over in Noosa, Australia. {Dosing up on some sun, sand and sea.}  And wow, what a gorgeous place that is!

{More on that soon.}

So, yes, we did manage to do some serious relaxing and unwinding, after all. ;) It was so wonderful to be able to get away for a week - especially for Grant, who desperately needed some downtime after the hectic couple of months he's had at work recently. He deserved that break after all the long hours, hard work and travelling.

And having made the decision not to spend much time online while we were away, I only shared the odd post to Facebook and not much else. So, sorry, dear blog readers, but now that we're back in Auckland, {and once I've got all my hundreds of photos downloaded and all the loads of laundry done}, I'll be back to more regular posting over here. Promise.

See you soon. x

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