Dads Out At Sea

Both my dads are out at sea at the moment. And no, that's not a metaphor - they are literally out in the ocean.

My dad is fishing off Madagascar with friends {and having a wonderful time apparently} and Geoff is currently en route, on a yacht, from Tonga.

The picture below shows their position a few days ago after they had spent the night in a circular reef out in the middle of the ocean! How cool is that? It's not every day that you get to barbecue in awesome surroundings like that. I googled Minerva Reef and it looks pretty damn amazing out there.

There wasn't much wind when they set out last week so their progress was slow initially, but the wind has picked up in last couple of days and they're making more headway now. What a fun experience! 

I hope you're all having a good week out there. Ours has been relatively uneventful, with the sounds of the odd pops of fireworks out in the neighbourhood every now and then. 

Tuesday night's Guy Fawkes was a no-starter for us Aucklanders, owing to the cold and rainy weather we had, so we've decided to celebrate on Friday night instead. The weather forecast for Friday is supposed to be clear so we can hopefully get out there and have some firework fun. 

From now on until well into January we will hear fireworks going off periodically. I guess it's one of the sounds of Summer around here. 

Do you celebrate Guy Fawkes? Fireworks or bonfire?

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