Halloween 2013 | Food and Decorations

It's been a busy few days around here since the day before Halloween and I just haven't found enough of a window in my days to sit down and write all about our Halloween celebrations this year. I really want to document the fun we've been having around here lately though, so better late than never - here is a quick instalment which I put together in between watching Sarah's water polo tournament this weekend.


Festivities are abundant at this time of year - and I love it all - the dark side of Halloween and the light side of Christmas. I think the party planner in me just adores any and every celebration because it brings with it the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family - and in the case of Halloween, our neighbourhood and community. {I get to see and meet people I didn't even know lived on our street!}

We've been having a kids party for Halloween for a couple of years now and of course the kids love it {Halloween = lots of lollies = happiness - I mean, what's not to love?}, but I secretly know that I'm the one who gets the most enjoyment when it comes to all the decorating and handing out of sweets at the front door. ;)

This year I invested in a new lolly bowl that had a secret creepy bone hand that pops out when kids reach into the bowl for a lolly - and I had the.best.time scaring all the kids who came to our door! {Wicked, I know - but strangely hilarious at the same time! ;) Sorry, I just can't seem to help myself!}

I also got my mother in on the action again this year and she baked the best witch fingers for the party! Delicious shortbread fingers FTW.

^ I mean. Just look at these beauties. ^

And me? I was in charge of making the bones.

^ How awesome are these bones?! ^

I got this clever idea from Pinterest and wow, were they a hit! Yum! 

All you'll need to make these yummy little snacks are: pretzel sticks, small marshmallows and white chocolate. Break the pretzel sticks into your desired length, stick a marshmallow on each end and dip them into your melted white chocolate. {Two coats should cover them sufficiently.} And voila! A taste to die for! I think it's that saltiness from the pretzels mixed with the sweet chocolate that makes it an absolute winner combination.

We also made these cute cupcakes:

And spent a fun morning getting all the decorating done around the house:

I hope you had a fun Halloween this year and that you're all enjoying your kids' treats as much as I am! 

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