December | 1

So, yes, December is here! And that makes me very happy because not only is it the month that holds my all-time favourite holiday {Christmas}, but it's also Sarah's birthday month;  the month when the weather really kicks into Summer mode;  and the month when it truly starts to feel like the holidays!

^ It's true: I cannot resist buying all the cute reindeers out there.
Did someone say reindeer fetish? ^

We don't usually put up our Christmas tree and decorations until after Sarah's birthday on the 15th because I feel it's only fair that she gets to celebrate her own special day without it being totally engulfed by all things Christmas. But having said that, I have set up this table decoration {above}, next to our advent calendar {one of our family's favourite Christmas traditions}, just to balance things out on that cabinet.

Unfortunately, I haven't yet taken a good photo of the advent calendar that I created, but I'll get onto that soon, so watch this space...

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