Round The Bays Walk 2014

Last year, Geoff, Sarah and I did the Round the Bays walk {see that post here}  and I so enjoyed this annual Auckland event that I decided to sign up our whole family to do it this year. {'Cos I'm so awesome like that.} ;)

Yes, there was definitely some grumbling and moaning when I first made the suggestion, but in the end everyone finished the event feeling strong, and in relatively good spirits - so I reckon my work here is done. :) 

^ At the start - and this boy is keen to get going.
My mom also joined Geoff this year; and my sister, Colleen and her husband, Sam did it too. ^

 ^ Selfie, before the start of the walk. Still feeling relatively fresh at this stage. ^

 ^ Round the Bays 2014. Check.
And Sarah is looking decidedly stronger than I am here. ^

^ This kid did so well, completing the 8.4kms in a great time. ^

^ And here Grant is having a well-deserved rest after his 8.4km walk! ^

So, do you enjoy entering family sporting events in your city? Or are you not partial to big crowds and too much exercise? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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