Back To The Regular Routine

Hey guys! We're back in Auckland after a fantastic three week holiday in the States!

But damn, after being away for three wonderful weeks, it's taking us a wee while to ease our way back into our regular routine around here... {Hello jet lag, general fatigue and weather change.} And um, how is it August and Term 3 already?!

Anyway, I'm s-l-o-w-l-y getting back up to speed with all things admin related {emails, household issues, school and sport schedules} and I should be back to more regular blog posting soon too.  #itsgoodtobehome

^ Beautiful misty morning here last week. ^

PS I had great plans to blog regularly while we were over in the States, and things were going pretty well there for a while, but then it all got a bit difficult {not much time between activities} and after sitting up until all hours on those first few nights writing blog posts while my family slept, I eventually decided to chuck it in and get some much needed rest too! Anyhow, now that I'm back at my Mac, you can expect to see a few more posts about our adventures Stateside... ;) We had the most awesome time over there.


  1. So good to have you home again. xx

  2. Caroljaneshome.blogspot.com5 August 2014 at 22:04

    Hi bianca, looks like a wonderful break and i know what you mean about getting back to reality.... We have also just got back from three wonderful weeks in europe. We left a very hot paris (their hottest day this year at 35 degrees) to fly into auckland with 10 degrees early in the morning. Looking forward to your posts.