The night before the packers descend

Here I sit, the night before the packers arrive to pack up our entire life's belongings, and I'm feeling surprisingly calm. I probably don't know what's going to hit me tomorrow!

So much has happened since I last published a post. I've been very busy ticking things off my long 'to do' list, getting things done as and when they needed doing. It's been relatively manageable so far and I've got a lot done which has been wonderfully satisfying. Grant's car has had a full valet service, Bailey's paperwork has been done, Grant's office, the store room and the garage have been sorted, tidied and cleaned (no small task), I've also been through the kitchen, laundry room, playroom, tv room, my study and the kids bedrooms needed another going over (why do they collect so much 'stuff'?). It's been hugely cathartic - but I'm quite freaked out by how much rubbish one accumulates over time. Note to self: maintain simplicity, what's with all the stuff??

I've also managed to secure jobs for Jessicah and Winnie. Saying goodbye is going to be just awful.

I've also been out to Pearly Beach to bring all of our personal belonging back and get it rental ready. Luckily we're going out there for Christmas and New Year - it's going to be dreadful leaving there in January...

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