The land of the long white cloud

So anyway, we arrived in New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud, on the 4th of January. And good timing it was, actually. 'Cos it was one of the hottest summers they've had for a while. It was idyllic - island life, gorgeous scenery, beautiful days and the kids were on holiday until the 2nd of February. So we packed it all in and took advantage of our summer holiday time.

We got the keys to our house on the 6th of January - great excitement! No furniture, but it felt good to have our own home again. And then on the 15th of January the chaos ensued. Our container arrived and the unpacking began. And by chaos I mean chaos. Our new home does not have as much storage as our previous home had and that meant that I had to be ruthless about throwing away a lot of unnecessary 'stuff' (which we really should not have brought over in the first place). Quite a cathartic experience actually. It also meant that a lot of the unpacking had to be put on hold until I got some storage units to house it. I decided to leave all that for when the kids were back to school. We had to take advantage of the good weather and the school holidays - so we went to the movies, we did some coastal walks on the cliff paths, we went swimming at the hot springs in Waiwera, we visited the animals at the wonderful Auckland Zoo, we entertained some new friends, went to the Auckland Seafood Festival and generally acclimatized. It all still felt as if we were on holiday - until we moved into our home and the kids went off to school. Everything then started falling into place and we got into a life routine.

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