The School Year Begins

So, school eventually started in the beginning of February. It was a looooong holiday and the kids were dying to spend some time with people their own age. Okay, I admit that I was also craving to get all of my chores done.

They went off in the morning in their new school uniforms, all bright eyed and bushy tailed. And they only came home 8 hours later! I missed them terribly!

They all came home with smiles on their faces and lots of stories. And homework, newsletters, information, application forms and more newsletters!

Busy is an understatement. And that was a good thing. The kids took to their new schooling environment so well. They all found friends, had fun, enjoyed the challenges of school and generally got settled. Jessica went away on a 5 day camp which is loved! She even came back with a slight accent! And Sarah went on an outing to TiriTiri Matangi island - a great experience.

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