Toorak Sports Exchange

Sarah's football team took part in a sports exchange with a team from Australia a couple of weeks ago. This Australian school sent a netball and football team over to play against Kristin and another local school. Next year Kristin get to go to Australia. Sarah got the day off usual lessons and spent a wonderful winters day out on the pitch playing a few games of footie! Great fun. They still change positions a lot at this stage and the photo shows Sarah having a stint as goalie. Their little team, which consists of Year 4's, 5's and 6's, did extremely well that day. They beat the Kristin Year 7 team!!!, drew against the touring side and lost by one goal to the local team, giving them a second place overall. They were the youngest competitors on the day (the others were all Year 7's) and really did themselves proud. Our family didn't get involved in billeting a child this year as we had to sign up for that in March and I was still unpacking our house then and couldn't imagine hosting a foreign student at that stage. Maybe next time...

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