In Which I Talk About the Weather

So anyway, it's been winter here for a while now. Quite normal for this time of year in the southern hemisphere, of course. But I bring this up because - what's a blog without a post in which you moan about the weather?

In the beginning of the season I thought it'd be fun to change my blog template to reflect the rainy season. Don't you just love my raindrop template? I loved it. Thought it was very clever. But now? Now, not so much. Now, I'm growing weary of the raindrops on my screen. I'm also growing increasingly weary of the raindrops outside.

To be fair, it's only weather. And I also used to feel like this when we lived in South Africa. I get to a point in winter when I've just had enough. And I'm bored with all my winter clothes. I'd love to buy some new ones, except that the summer clothing lines have hit the stores now and there's not a decent winter item to be found!

I once heard it said that there's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing. Makes sense, I guess. If you don't have enough layers of clothing on, you're going to be cold. And possibly grumpy. Just bring the coat and it'll all be okay. And this has been my attitude to our first winter in New Zealand. Rain? Don't be silly, get out there - you won't melt.

But sometimes the sun comes out and reminds you just how wonderful it is when it's not raining. Everything seems that much better when the sun is shining.

Now this lamenting does not bode well for me. I mean, dude. It's August. MID-WINTER. And not only that, but I've just been told not to look forward to Spring on the 1st of September because apparently Spring does not exist in New Zealand! Whaaaat? Yes. It's just more of the same until December. Well, well, well. I think I'm just going to have to go ahead and change my blog template to something bright and sunny. 'Cos I need some sun. And I'll just have to get it anywhere I can.

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  1. you should have moved to Perth - hot already!!


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