My little boy knows what a spatula is and used the word in the correct context!  I was impressed and asked him whether he'd learnt it during his latest inquiry at school, in which they're learning about 'how the world works' - with a focus on 'investigating the transfer of heat'. They'd been looking at 'how heat energy affects the state of matter' and had done cooking during some of the classes - so I naturally thought that he'd learnt this new word there.  No. Not so.  When I asked him, he promptly told me that he'd learnt it from Spongebob Squarepants!  "'Cos he cooks those hamburgers, Mom." And there it is folks. We pay all this money on school fees when I could just leave him at home, in his Spiderman gear, watching a yellow sponge fry up some patties!

He does love all the learning he does at school, though.  And the library is one of his favourite places.  He takes chapter books out regularly and skim reads them in minutes! Adorable.

Just recently the Junior school had a Student Led Conference day. It's a day when parents get to go to school to watch their children showcase their learning. Sarah and Luke showed me all of their books and explained everything that they'd been doing in class.  There are no regularly lessons on that day and the parents and kids have a scheduled time to come in. The kids also take their parents on a tour of all the classrooms they use. They're totally in charge of the tour and you're not allowed to interrupt while they're doing their conference (or 'oral').  It was really wonderful to see Sarah and Luke confidently take me through their school experience, with such pride.  And it highlighted the extraordinary school they go to. Spongebob, eat your heart out!

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