To Bailey. With Love.

Bailey just loves me. It could be owing to my flashy grin and superb choice of music, but I think it's more likely because I feed her, give her lots of treats, slip her slices of cheese every morning and walk her everyday when it's not raining.

Every morning when she wakes up, she runs to my side of the bed, jumps up and says hello. Then she doesn't leave my side all day. She trots up and down the stairs, up and down the passage, in and out of every room. She literally follows me around while I'm doing my chores. She lies outside my study when I'm on the computer. She lies on the kitchen floor when I'm in there making meals. She lies outside the laundry room when I'm folding the 10th load of laundry. She's my constant companion.

Even though I tell her to lie down and relax, I secretly love it. I so appreciate her loyalty, and those darling brown eyes. What a blessing to have such love and devotion. So I thought I'd write a post for her.

Darling Bailey. I love you dearly, my sweet friend. You are super cool.

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