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School holidays are here again! So, to celebrate surviving our first NZ winter, and take advantage of our close proximity to the ski fields, we decided to take a ski trip during this very welcome spring break. We drove down to a place called Ohakune which is the closest town to Mt Ruapehu, the North Island ski area. It's just so wonderful that we can drive for only four and a half hours - and ski. As South Africans, this is one of the great bonuses of living in our new country.

Mt Ruapehu taken in May 2010

And we skied! Yeeha! My confident, independent son went off to his ski class all by himself. And the girls and I had a lesson with a sweet Swedish chap called Felix who sported a beard and certainly didn't fall into that cliched 'gorgeous-ski-instructor' category. And that meant we could focus on our skiing. Which was a good thing. Hahaha! And learn, we did! It was so cool. And I totally did it, you guys! I now get how people become hooked on this skiing thing. It really is a blast.

Mt Ruapehu boasts great spring skiing, but the weather down there is often bad which means that despite lots of snow, the ski slopes are frequently closed owing to high winds and poor visibility. Sadly, we experienced this bad weather on our trip now and only managed to ski on one day. It was so bleak that we decided to cut our trip short. Damn shame, really. But at least we got a taste of it. Us skiing novices. We'll definitely be going back to hone our skills.

And other than ski, we took the kids to the indoor climbing walls one day, and they got to play in the snow, build some snowmen and throw snowballs at each other. Always a big hit! Then it was eating, eating and ... well, a bit of the old red wine, really. Works really well in those climes.

And that was our mini-trip away. Some good family time.

Now we're back in the big smoke, doing the usual holiday things. More on that later.

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