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So, just recently I read a blog in which the writer had listed 10 reasons why her life was great right now, and it got me thinking. What makes my life great?

So, I thought I'd do a bit of a 'gratitude journal' thing here. It's a great little exercise to do when your life starts feeling incredibly tedious (read: housework).

So here are the 10 reasons why my life is frikkin' awesome right now:

1. I spent Saturday morning in my pyjamas which is a real novelty 'cos normally I would have been on the side of a football field. So, yay pyjamas and, yay end of the football season!

2. There are so many good coffee shops here on the Shore.  And I ♥ coffee.

3. All my kids can bath themselves now. And although I might still have to remind them to wash behind their ears, they generally just get on with this whole bath time thing. And they're very mostly clean.

4. All my kids sleep through the night. Okay, so they've been doing this for a long time now, but I'm still so thankful for this. 'Cos I really can remember how awful it was when I wasn't getting much sleep. 

5. I have all my own teeth.

6. All this rain means that I don't have to water my garden. Oh, and I have a garden.

7. I have a new washing machine. It's so shiny and all the buttons work.

8. My mom lives close by and helps me with sports lifts, sewing and moving heavy bookshelves. And she makes delicious desserts and bakes great cookies too. A big shout out to the momster!

9. I live near the sea and I see it every day as I drive around my neighbourhood.

10. I have technology, which means I can: read lots of blogs online, keep up with my friends on facebook, laugh at jokes on Twitter, enjoy my new favourite -, skype, order school lunches online, do internet banking, read online newspapers, sms, watch all the ways my kids access music in our house, enjoy wireless, play scrabble on my iPad, make out with my awesome iPhone and of course email.

So, those are my 10. What are yours?

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  1. I am healthy and fit; I love my husband; I am free to choose where I live (even though that is tough right now); I have three awesome boys; I trust God; I have heart friends all over the world that are accessable; I have an education and prospects; the sun shines relentlessly in Perth; my pantry is full; and I am loved


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