My Dancing Girl

About a month ago, Jess and I went shopping for a dress for her Year 7 formal and came home with a lovely little grey number, although I wasn't totally convinced that it was smart enough. Then, about a week before the dance, I found a gorgeous little pink dress while out shopping and brought it home on the off chance that it would be preferred. And it was. Dress: check.

The shoe shopping, on the other hand, was not as straightforward. It involved much more rigorous convincing and coaxing. I don't understand what is so difficult about choosing a pair of ballet flats, but my sisters would probably have a laugh and say that my daughter obviously takes after me when it comes to making quick decisions. Yeah, yeah, so all my NYC deliberating has probably come back to bite me in the a*se! Anyway, after two lengthy shoe shopping sessions, we agreed on a very pretty pair of glittery, silver pumps. Smiles all round. Shoes: Check.

And then on the big day, we dashed off to the local mall as soon as the school bell rang. I mean, a girl's gotta have good hair and nails, you guys! And she so enjoyed every minute of the pampering - definitely my daughter! Then it was off to get dressed and do the last minute preparations.


So, after all the beauty preparations, a term of learning formal dancing during PE lessons and enjoying (or was it enduring?) 'line dancing' at lunch time sessions, the Year 7s had their Formal on Monday evening at the school.

It had a Chinese theme - with the Year 7 Dean dressed up in a panda suit and all the Year 7 teachers decked out in Chinese attire. And the decorators did an amazing job with the foyer - it really looked beautiful. I know all this because the parents got to drop their kids off and have a quick look around before leaving. (Or in my case, before being shoo-ed away by my kid.) Oh, to have been a fly on the wall.

The only downer on the night was that I didn't manage to get any really great photos - because I was rushed! "Come on, mom, we're going to be late!" Oh, the excitement! And then when we got there, there was no way in hell that I was allowed to take any photos of her. "Don't be embarrassing, mom!" Geez, I just couldn't win!

When we fetched her it was all smiles and continuous chatter. And if that's anything to go by, it would seem that her first experience of a formal was a happy one. That and the fact that her legs were sore from all the dancing!

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  1. She looks SOOO stunning and grown up!!! and I LOVE the dress!!


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