A Squall and Some Sun

We've had a few days of bad weather here recently - storms, actually. Nothing unbearable, but the wind and rain was more hectic than usual. The weather moves on quite quickly, though - one minute it's raining, and the next it's sunny.

Anyway, having booked for lunch on Waiheke Island on Sunday, we'd been watching the weather closely because, lets face it, a ferry trip in big swells is never fun. But it all looked fine, so we decided to go ahead with our plans.

After arriving at the wharf on the island, we caught a bus up to the vineyard where we had booked for lunch. And after walking up the long driveway and making our way to our table, a sudden squall came through. Talk about lucky! Had we arrived just a few minutes later, we would have been soaked. And then as quickly as it had arrived, it was gone.

Waiheke is a lovely island with gorgeous beaches and bays;  and some great vineyards. It's only a 20 minute ferry trip away from Auckland, making it a good day trip destination. We've been there often and have now tried two vineyard restaurants. As the weather improves, we'll definitely be going back to try a few more!

It was a fun day out - driving, boating, bussing, walking, laughing and eating. And some wine tasting, of course.

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  1. The weather can only get better now, especially with your wallpaper background - spring is here!


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