Unfounded Paranoia

Every day when we get home from sport or the bus stop, I've got to remind my kids to take their lunch boxes to the kitchen so they can be washed. Even I get bored listening to myself say: "Bring your lunch boxes!" How many times do you think it's going to take before they automatically bring them through? 10? 20? 1000?

Anyway, I persevere because I don't enjoy washing those lunch boxes in the morning just before filling them again! Also, when they're digging through their bags, they stumble upon any school newsletters they're supposed to give to me. So it's a double whammy, really. 

On one particular day, the above pamphlets came home from school. And while it is definitely not relevant to my kids at the moment, it is always good to be forewarned and prepared, I guess. But then I thought... Why are my primary school kids getting this information? Maybe this pamphlet isn't only about being well informed for the future. Maybe this pamphlet is actually directed at me?

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