We'll Always Have Pearly ...

So anyway, we've sold our house in Pearly Beach. And while I don't feel totally devastated about this (because I worked through my sorrow back in January), the recent paper signing has made me think of what Pearly Beach means to me. And, you know what? Those were some good times. Quality moments.

Lying on the deck at night looking up at the stars, gin and tonics in the afternoon, Christmas plays, sand dunes, kids shrieking on the trampoline out back, gorgeous salads, Easter egg hunts in the garden, Francolins, laughter, Bananagram, champagne in the evening, Jack Johnson, the afternoon sun shining into the upstairs lounge, the cool sea breeze on the side of the deck, negotiating with small children, Wii competitions, trips into 'Goose Bay', wet dogs, The Killers, volleyball out front, bike riding on the side, kids walking to the small shop to buy absolute rubbish and lots of sweets, Christmas carols, 30 Seconds, New Year's Eve fireworks, fish braais, packing and unpacking that dishwasher, shell and stone collections, wet towels, sandy floors, meeting friends at the brewery and wine farms and walks on the beach. These are a few of my favourite things... I might burst into song... 

♪♫ "I simply remember my favourite things, and then I don't feel................ soooooo bad." ♫♪

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  1. good times indeed!!! and feel so glad that we were able to share a few with you. x


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