Can I Have My Phone Back Please?

I don't get to spend much quality time with my phone anymore. And I blame Doodle Jump.

The game, Doodle Jump, has become very popular with my family recently. And sadly, the application is on my iPhone which means that it's always being picked up and carried off somewhere, to play the game.

I will admit that it's a great game and obviously very addictive, but you know what? It's so annoying to be constantly looking for my phone, and if I hear that 'Boing-boing-boing' noise anymore I think I might scream!


  1. I see all that singing about summer weather hasn't amounted to much - you are all still in winter woolies!! If I was you I would delete that application NOW!

  2. Ah, these photos were taken while we were away in Ohakune (skiing). But they're still doing the same thing with summer clothes on... These were the only photos I had as evidence, though! Hahahaha.


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