"I Can Do It"

My little boy. He shows such bravery in everything he does. He doesn't shy away from any new challenges. He'll always 'give it a go' and he never entertains the thought that he won't be able to succeed. 

He climbs to the top of that climbing wall, manages the various ski lifts with ease, skis (at pace) down quite steep ski slopes and goes back for more, plays pool with the bigger kids, conquers new levels on his Nintendo games, takes reading and writing in his stride, stays super focussed in his swimming lessons, pushes himself at gymnastics, scores some awesome goals at football and is generally such a positive little soul.

He's now trying to prove to me that he can cross the road in a responsible way, by looking in both directions before carefully proceeding to the other side. And the reason he's doing this is because he REALLY wants to be able to walk to the dairy (corner café) by himself some day soon. Why? Because that's where they sell bubble gum. And he loves bubble gum.

Oh boy!

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