Rainbow's End

After promising the kids for the past 10 months, I eventually took them to Rainbow's End during their Spring break. Rainbow's End is New Zealand's 'premier theme park', situated in South Auckland. It's not a huge theme park, but it has a few really exciting rides.

Good, responsible, awesome mother that I am, I allowed the girls to go on this one:

18 stories up and then a free fall down, it's aptly named Fear Fall! Cool kids that they are, they took it in their stride and Jess reckoned "it could have been a longer ride"!

This ride is called the Invader and it spins around and travels left and right along a track which has a higher section in the middle. Jess and Sarah are at the top of the photo. Jessica's the one with her hair flying up in the wind.

They also went on the loop and corkscrew rollercoaster, a brilliant octopus ride and a water log ride which has nothing on Monkey Falls at Ratanga Junction. 

Speaking of Ratanga, we really missed the Ballantynes when we were at Rainbow's End! It just wasn't the same without our theme park buddies! And our outing brought back some great Ratanga memories - most specifically all the laughs on Monkey Falls and Zoƫ in her high-heeled boots! Ah, such good times.

So, while we might not have found the proverbial gold at Rainbow's End, the fun we had there certainly made sure that we went home with a few 'treasured' memories. (Sorry, it just had to be said!)

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